Beautiful idea: Colo Colo fans plan to applaud in the 7th minute to pay tribute to Esteban Paredes

Former Colo Colo

Esteban Paredes will return to the Monumental Stadium when Coquimbo Unido faces Colo Colo. The match will be marked by the possible retirement of the white idol.

The emotional tribute that Colo Colo fans plan to Esteban Paredes
© Marco Muga/Agency OneThe emotional tribute that Colo Colo fans plan to Esteban Paredes

This Saturday, May 14 at 6:00 p.m. Colo Colo receives Coquimbo Unido for date number 13 of the National Championship. The meeting will be marked by the return of Esteban Paredes to the Monumental Stadium, after his departure in February 2021.

Along with the above, as reported by TNT Sports, the Tank would have decided to hang up his boots and that the match against Cacique be the last in his professional career. Thus, the fans are already organizing to honor the last white idol.

The idea is that, at minute 7 of the commitmentthe colocolino fans who attend the stadium get up from their seats and begin to applaud for 60 seconds in honor of Esteban Paredes. The initiative, which was promoted by the group of social activities “Ruta del Hincha”, is already gaining strength and there are many who have adhered to the invitation.

In addition, as it is the last match played by the former Captain of Colo Colo, it is not ruled out that there is another tribute from the club to the player who so many times made us shout with joy.

Thus, albos and coquimbanos will face each other in a key duel for the aspirations of both. The Cacique will want to continue with his good momentum and increase the difference with his pursuers, while the Pirates will seek to get out of the bottom of the table. The truth is that that day will be very emotional due to the presence of the historic scorer of Chilean soccer on the pitch, David Arellano.

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