Beauty: Five little secrets to make your nail polish last longer

With the constant hand washing and use of alcohol gel As protection measures against the pandemic, nail polish may wear off a little faster. Therefore, and within the framework of the launch of the new nail polishes 3D gel from UNA, Fiorella Solari, Marketing and Product Manager at Natura brings you five tricks so you can continue taking care of yourself while still showing off perfect hands.

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Clean and hydrate your hands well

The first step to a good manicure is cleaning. Make sure to remove all traces of nail polish, dust and grease with an acetone-free nail polish remover; and then wash your hands with soap. Solari also recommends use an exfoliating pulp for hands to remove impurities and dead cells, and finish with a small massage with a moisturizing hand pulp.

Layer a base coat

The base prepares the nails to receive the polish, helps the paint adhere better, lasts longer and has an extraordinary shine that gives it a professional finish. According to Solari, although there is a great variety of bases on the market, it is important choose those that do not have harmful ingredients in the formula to ensure the health of your nails.

Apply thin enamel gel coats

To prolong your manicure, the executive also recommends applying of the thin coats of gel enamel, for its durability, covering well the edges and corners. For this step it is better to use vegan products that are 10-Free, that is, their composition dispenses with the ten components that are harmful to your nails and that are the cause of giving them brittle and dull aspects.

At Natura we have the new 3D gel polishes that have a Pro Color & Care technology, that is, they have safe ingredients that contribute to the care of the nails. It is a product free of potentially dangerous components for health and the environment. In addition, these polishes offer a creamy finish in 14 solid colors and contain a formula enriched with algae extract that helps nourish the nails.”, He maintains.

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Use a top coat after glazing

After the two coats of gel polish, apply a light coat of top coat. This product has photo-activatable ingredients that, in contact with light, add resistance to enamel, protect the color and provide a long-lasting shine.

Reapply a layer of top coat every three days

Reapplying a layer of top coat every three days keeps your nails perfect for up to seven days. According to Natura, for 9 out of 10 women, reapplying this product means intensifying shine and renewing the effect of perfect nails.

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