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Wednesday, August 03, 2022 | 05:00

The border Areli Favela will represent Mexico in the Teen Universe international contest, which will be held in Madrid in February 2023.

The 18-year-old sovereign from Chihuahua studies Law at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez and is 1.80 centimeters tall.

He works as a model, he likes to play chess, practice horse riding and above all practice sports.

“We started on the path of modeling during 2020, all with the support and encouragement of my family, for which I am very grateful to them and my team for supporting me in all my future plans,” the beauty ambassador told El Diario. Mexican teenager.

The future lawyer will compete in Madrid for the Teen Universe crown, where she will face off against the beauty and talent of representatives from 30 different countries.

“It will be a dream come true, competing for the title of Teen Universe, getting to know other countries, other customs, it will be very enriching for me personally and in the environment in which I develop, this career is important to me, since it is my first time abroad. of my beautiful and beloved Mexico. I aspire to return with the best results, put my team on high and, above all, always have the support of my family and friends,” said the border queen.

The contest seeks to invite and motivate youth to realize their ability to build their future, to make their goals and dreams possible by taking the right path to success and creating their career path.

“The idea is that they begin to leave your comfort zone and, above all, venture into new experiences,” Areli mentioned.

The pageant is a beauty contest for teenagers from all over the world, it is held once a year, and it is based on the physical beauty of the contestant, incorporating qualities such as the personality, talent and intelligence of the young contestants.

The objective is to create a glamorous event, a production, that enhances the femininity of adolescent girls in the universe, where the stage can be a platform to build ties of friendship between the participating countries, as mentioned by the organization of the contest on its official website. .

It is about taking the contestants to the development of their qualities and abilities, and in the same way becoming an entity with a social mission for the less favored, creating the concept of beauty with a cause.

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