Because of Queen’s funeral: Trump shoots at US President Biden

Joe Biden has traveled to London for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Credit: IMAGO/USA TODAY Network

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Anna von Stefenelli

A front-row seat is reserved for the US President at most events. After all, he is considered one of the most powerful people of the world. But there are also exceptions. So also at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday in London.

In Westminster Abbey, US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden had to sit further back. No problem for them. Ex-President Donald Trump, however, takes the seat selection as an opportunity to shoot sharply against Biden and the royal family.

Joe and Jill Biden also attended Queen Elizabeth's state funeral.

Joe and Jill Biden also attended Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral.Image: / IMAGO/Stephen Lock

Donald Trump scolds his successor Joe Biden: “No respect”

Donald Trump posted a photo of Joe Biden at the Queen’s state funeral on the social media platform he founded, Truth Social. There he distributes neatly against his predecessor: “This is what America has become in just two short years. No respect,” writes Trump, referring to the end of his own presidency on January 20, 2021.

He also mocks Biden and pulls his work to the ridiculous: After all, it is a good opportunity for the current US President to get to know the leaders of “certain third world countries”. Trump is alluding to Biden’s seating position and his immediate neighbors.

Joe Biden sat in the twentieth row – next to Ignazio Cassis

In fact, the US President sat unusually far back, in the twentieth row. The seat neighbors from “certain Third World countries”, as Trump calls them, can hardly be described as such: Biden sat next to Swiss leader Ignazio Cassis, in front of Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and behind Polish President Andrzej Duda.

Joe Biden sat next to Cassis, in front of Fiala and behind Duda at the Queen's memorial service.

Joe Biden sat next to Cassis, in front of Fiala and behind Duda at the Queen’s memorial service. Image: Pool / Reuters

Trump convinced: Biden is to blame for a bad connection to London

That Trump a high opinion has about himself and does not exactly shine through modesty, his following words make it clear once more: “If I were president, they wouldn’t have put me there.” In politics it is like in the real estate industry and in life, “the right place is EVERYTHING”.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump will probably no longer be best friends.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump will probably no longer be best friends. Image: AP

The choice of seat is a sign of disrespect on the part of the British and the royal family. The ex-president claims that this is due to the bad relations between the two actually very connected countries. The culprit according to Trump: Joe Biden.

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