Beck in Vienna: Midsommar quickies through the entire work

Due to the pandemic, you could wait two years in Vienna for the “Good to be back, Beck” moment. Last night it was time in the arena. In just over an hour and a half, the all-rounder Beck Hanson from Los Angeles drove his entire work through the longest day of the year.

“I am your jukebox,” exclaimed the seven-time Grammy award winner, who was alone in the ivory-colored suit on stage at the beginning. It was supposed to be a wild high mass, but the beginning was, as he put it, “the preface to the book”, and in the end those were songs he’d played from his album “Morning Phase” including covers like “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime”.

Pandemic, Cure and Beck

The pandemic calls for healing, even with the one-time Slacker Beck. What followed was an almost breathless tour de force through his entire oeuvre, including some well-hidden covers. One could remember the late Prince, who observed himself on stage just as much in self-quotation. “Loser” was thrown in mid-concert, “such a good song,” as he noted.

The recourse to the “Guero” album turned out to be a stroke of luck for this evening, which was actually intended as a double encore on the 20-minute acoustic set. “E Guero” and “Where It’s At” formed the conclusion before the solo piece with harmonica. Beck to “Oderlay”, because every end has a beginning, especially on the longest day of the year.

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