Becomes "Fast & Furious 10" to disaster?

In 2001 nobody would have thought it possible that the relatively small summer film “The Fast and the Furious” would one day become a multi-million dollar franchise. An action series that once revolved around car tuning became a big blockbuster spectacle at the latest with the celebrated “Fast & Furious Five”. So it’s been a long time one of the most successful film series in history.

But a report from The Wrap now suggests that Fast & Furious 10, due out in May 2023, could — or already has — become a problem for the franchise. Reason: Through the immense costs it could already be almost impossible for the film to become a success. Does this also endanger the future of the series?

“Fast & Furious 10” is plagued by massive problems

There have been some reports about “Fast & Furious 10” in the past that don’t bode well. Director Justin Lin, who has directed several films in the series, left the project after internal disputes with lead actor Vin Diesel. In addition, the acting fees were apparently massively increased and In addition, of course, there is the coronavirus pandemicwhich is a huge cost factor for productions of this magnitude.

All these circumstances cost money – and so the budget of “Fast & Furious 10” has completely exploded. Originally, 200 million US dollars were said to have been budgeted for, but they are now helping 340 million. With that would be “Fast & Furious 10” the third most expensive movie ever made. Only the superhero spectacle “Avengers: Endgame” and the Disney blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides” top these numbers.

As the third most expensive film of all time: is it still possible to make a profit?

It has to be said that this immense sum of 340 million US dollars only includes the production costs. In other words, the advertising costs that are still due to finance posters, trailers and other marketing measures are not even part of this sum. “Fast & Furious 10” will be even more expensive will. And that means one thing: In order not to become a flop, this film has to be a huge success – and ideally rank among the 3-5 most successful films of all time.

However, it is more than questionable whether this can be achieved after the latest part of the series “Fast & Furious 9” fell frighteningly far short of expectations. So if the latest film also disappoints and grosss less than at least one billion US dollars, it would be a great loss for the producers – and could ultimately even mean that there may not be any further films.

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