Beerus shows off his hard punch, beating the Titans


Lhe Bills once again gave strength to all those who point to them as one of the great favorites to fight for the NFL title.

Buffalo repeated a great show of strength for the second consecutive week by ending their Monday night matchup with a resounding 41-7 victory over the Titans.

Attack and defense shone in unison after they opened the new season in the first week by containing the reigning monarchs, Rams, 31-10 as visitors.

Quarterback Josh Allen carried the offense on his shoulders as he completed 26 of 38 passes for 317 yards and four spirals that ended in the end zone. His sublime performance earned him to finish with 128.9 rating points.

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs benefited the most, catching 12 receptions, including three touchdowns, for 148 yards. The longest 46 yards.

Allen found passing targets with eight different receivers against a weak opposing defense that was swept in the third quarter after giving up 24 unanswered points.

If the Bills’ passing game was amazing, their run defense didn’t detract from the night they were up against one of the NFL’s best running backs in recent memory.

All-star running back Derrick Henry ran into a wall of linemen who limited him to 25 yards on 13 carries.

Henry had the Titans’ only six-point run shortly after falling behind, but after that two-yard touchdown run they were swept for 34 unanswered yards.

But not only did the run defense have a stellar night, the secondary defense also grabbed the spotlight by throwing a pair of interceptions off quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who finished with a dismal 32.7 rating.

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