“Before the U we want to give another joy to the fans of Colo Colo”

There are just four days left for Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile to meet in the 190th edition of the Chilean Soccer Superclásico, a match scheduled for this Sunday, September 26 at 4:30 p.m. in El Teniente de Rancagua on the 22nd date of the National Championship. 2021.

Gustavo Quinteros is confident that his team It will continue on the triumphal path and that it will keep the three points on the field of the O’Higgins Region, taking more distance at the top of the tournament and stretching his years of undefeated against the classic rival.

In conversation with Directv, coach Albo stated that “The team is playing football well, we have most of the squad available. We are in the first place of the table and we want to give another joy to the Colo Colo fans in the Superclásico ”.

In that sense, he downplayed what the U and his most important offensive weapon can offer, Joaquín Larrivey, who is the current scorer of the team trained by Esteban Valencia.

“The team that arrives better prepared and better reflects its idea, will have a better chance of winning the superclassic. More than being concerned about Larrivey, we are attentive to the strengths we have as a team “Quinetros declared.

In addition, he is eager to see Iván Morales finally score in a Superclásico: “Hopefully he can score in the Superclásico, he has shown great effort. From what I saw, I noticed that it has conditions and can continue to grow. He is a player who can give more to Colo Colo and the Chilean team ”.

Iván Morales seeks to convert his first goal in Superclásicos with the Colo Colo shirt. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Finally, he dedicated good words to the current team that he is directing and that has the first option to win in this 2021: “To have a champion team, we must have 22 starting players in the squad and today we are close to achieving it. There are many young people giving up and that makes me very happy. We are practically a new team ”, concluded.

Albos and blues will face each other this Sunday, September 26 in El Teniente de Rancagua starting at 4:30 p.m. and you can follow it LIVE and MINUTE BY MINUTE by DaleAlbo.

Yes, but there is a lot of tournament left

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