Belén Mora shared a tender postcard of her advanced pregnancy

A few weeks ago, we told you that Belén Mora announced that she will become a mother for the second time. Together with his partner, Toto Acuña.

“A new being joins the cast,” wrote the former contestant of the star “Dancing for a dream” when sharing the image of some baby shoes made of wool and a notebook from her program “Politically incorrect”.

He also tagged Toto Acuña, his partner and colleague in the space, in the publication.

“This is getting out of control”

Then, she did a live broadcast where she confirmed the news of her pregnancy. «With my haggard and haggard face I want to thank you all for your good vibes and indeed I am pregnant. I have three months, so we are very, very happy, “he said.

However, this Thursday Mora wanted to update her status through a photograph in stories, where she revealed how much her tummy has grown shortly after announcing her second pregnancy.

“This is getting out of control,” Belenaza wrote next to the photograph.

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