Belotti gives body and soul to the team, but he is not the soul of the team

In my opinion, the history of Belotti in Turin is ending as it could not have been worse. Is the fault of Cairo? Certainly the company has its responsibilities

More than sixteen years have passed since President Cairo took over Turin. From the bombastic statements of the first seasons with promises of a Champions Bull within a few years, we have come to those in which President Cairo regrets losing the players to zero. In between there have been years of mediocre championships, in which Toro has won only one derby and which has collected continuous humiliations, not building anything. These sixteen years of Torino FC have been literally wasted, so much so that the club, from a structural and patrimonial point of view, has nothing. Having said and remembered this for the umpteenth time (at least on my part), life goes on and the facts that arise must be commented on when they are revealed, without necessarily starting from Adam and Eve with concepts that presumably take for granted and established.

President Cairo recently commented negatively on the situation that leads more and more players to free themselves from their club on a free transfer. The Donnarumma case for Milan was the one that had the most prominence in the media. But in addition to the current PSG goalkeeper, two other European champions such as Insigne and Belotti are experiencing the same situation as the goalkeeper. Both are likely to leave their club, especially as far as the Rooster is concerned.

For many reasons that would push the Torino FC center forward to want to leave is the failure of Urbano Cairo to keep his promises. On the other hand Belotti has lived with this presidency in Turin in the last six years of the sixteen of the Cairo era. Unfortunately, the same player will have noticed that nothing is growing in Turin. Even on the Robaldo, for example, the company continues to be asleep. After receiving the green light from the Municipality of Turin months ago, not a single worker has yet been seen at work to start the project of the granata citadel.

Therefore it is permissible that Nkoulou does not has gone, effectively making the club lose the total investment of about 4 million and it is equally legitimate that Gallo decides to leave Torino FC on a free transfer, making the grenade club lose about 8 million. On the Rooster, however, there are some considerations to make. He is the grenade center forward, therefore the reference for teammates and fans. The latter are the ones who have enjoyed for the exploits of the grenade driver, for his goals, for his exultation and for his unforgettable overturns, and they are also those who have given so much and supported the Rooster always and in any case. Going away to zero, legitimately leaving president Cairo dry-mouthed, would first of all create damage to the club and secondly damage to the fans.

Many protesters object that the president would not invest any money that could be obtained from the sale of Belotti. It is true that in the past Cerci and Immobile have been replaced with Amauri and Martinez, but it is equally true that certainly, without that money, Torino FC will never grow stronger. Analyzing the situation and given the failure to deny the ritual regarding the history of the rescission clause proposed by Cairo and counter-proposed by the boy, also given the failure to deny the offer of 3.3 million net per year plus 1 million one-off at the deed of the signing, and given the persistent silence of Andrea Belotti that destroys the eardrums of the fans, it is highly probable that Gallo already has an agreement with another club in hand. In my opinion, the history of Belotti in Turin is ending as it could not have been worse. Is the fault of Cairo? Certainly the club has its responsibilities for the reasons described above, but we must not be afraid to say that Belotti towards the fans, that is, those who have always loved him, is not behaving well. Can the Rooster not speak because he is registered? Nonsense! It is true that any registered player cannot make statements unless explicitly authorized by the company, however if he does not want to risk a fine, there are members of his entourage who are not bound by this condition, who therefore could explain what they want. If they don’t, there is obviously no reason to deny the social clause question, much less the veracity of the grenade offer.

So it is likely that the Rooster, as Ivan Juric told the media, has decided to stay a year, but I can hardly believe that he did it and then decide. Rather, one would think that maybe the grenade center forward has already decided and maybe he will dress the Rossoneri. We will see how it will end, but unfortunately, net of what I wrote at the beginning of the article, I stopped seeing Andrea Belotti as a grenade idol. When he takes the field I will see him as a player of the team that I support, who gives body and soul and that of course I will continue to support, but who for me will no longer represent the soul of the team, because a team without a soul is a dead team and, despite the presidency, for me Taurus is an immortal team. We fans have faced much worse situations, we are crossing the ford of the Cairo presidency, we will also overcome Belotti’s farewell… even on a free transfer.

Andrea Belotti

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