BEM and BAC 2023: the date of registration is becoming clearer

The BEM and BAC national exams are of great importance in Algerian society. Every year, thousands of students and their parents grow impatient with the announcement of registration and exam dates.

The Ministry of National Education has launched in recent weeks numerous instructions concerning the start of the school year, focusing on the organization of class groups, the reintegration of expelled students and the preview of the dates of the national examinations of the BAC and the BEM.

According to our sources, the ministry is in the process of setting up its new digital platform, with the aim of digitizing and facilitating the registration procedure for end-of-cycle exams, thus avoiding any type of charges and errors encountered by candidates during their former memberships, thanks to the information system set up by the sector as part of the efforts made.

Students will be able to use it from the month of november and the process will last until the end of the same month, when the site will allow apprentices to complete a fast and inclusive registration which will officially launch in six weeks.

Free candidates, what procedure for this year?

As far as free students are concerned, the procedure is the same and it will take place through the two sites of the National Office for Examinations and Competitions (Onec). For the date of registration, it will be communicated soon. Note that the previous year, ONEC set the duration from November 22, 2021 to December 10, 2021, for this year, no information has yet been publicly communicated.

It should be noted that the start of the school year for the three cycles, including exam classes, has been set for Wednesday, September 21, 2022, thus resuming the usual teaching system applied before the COVID-19 pandemic, The mobilization of staff and the administration of many establishments has been made in order to maintain a good academic recovery for this school year (2022/2023).

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