Ben Affleck’s Batman return threatened by contract

Ben Affleck has just signed an exclusive contract with Artists Equity. The announced end of his role as Batman in the films produced by Warner? The New York Times reports this possibility!

Image 1: Ben Affleck's Batman return threatened by contract
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With his return announced in black adamHenry Cavill promises that the future of Superman will be bright “. An unexpected comeback by fans who adore the actor in the skin of the hero. Now, many cherish the hope of a second wind for the DCEU set up by Zack Snyder. Everyone is present between Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller despite his scandals.

But Ben Affleck stays behind and still doesn’t have a movie of his own unlike those mentioned above. Today the New York Times reports that the actor could be done with Batman because of a contract.

An exclusive contract with Artists Equity

Image 2: Ben Affleck's Batman return threatened by contract
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Ben Affleck’s return as Batman might not happen. The cause ? A contract that the actor signed to play only in films produced by Artists Equity. The interpreter of the superhero declares that it is ” of the next act of my career for a long time “. Note that Ben Affleck is also one of the directors of Artists Equity with his long-time friend Matt Damon who occupies a position of collaborator.

By appearing only in the productions of his box, Ben Affleck turns his back on Batman on paper. For now, the end of his career as a DC Comics superhero remains speculation. Warner does not comment on the information.

The end of his role as Batman?

Image 3: Ben Affleck's Batman return threatened by contract
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Because with an exclusive agreement, Ben Affleck deviates himself from all DC Comics projects. But let the fans be reassured, his presence is recorded in Aquaman 2 and The Flashat leastthe release of which is scheduled for 2023. In the case of the second film, we are talking about 20 minutes of screen time!

During a recent speech, David Zaslav (note, the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery) also implied the end of Ben Affleck in Batman. The leader says: Over the next few years, you’re going to see a lot of growth and opportunity for DC Comics. There won’t be 4 Batmans “.

New DCEU boss James Gunn, meanwhile, claims no one was chosen to replace Ben Affleck!

Case to follow.

Source : CBR

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