Bénédicte Martin, alleged victim of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, testifies in TPMP (VIDEO)

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor was the undisputed star of the 20 hours of TF1 for years. But the star journalist has fallen from his pedestal since several women filed complaints against him for sexual assault or rape, systematically describing the same modus operandi. In an exceptional issue of Further investigation, several of his alleged victims had given chilling accounts of their ordeal. The newspaper Release revealed, this Tuesday, September 20, that two new complaints had been filed this month against the journalist, from Bénédicte Martin, 44, journalist and writer, for a sexual assault which allegedly occurred in November 2003 in the office of the host, and Margot Cauquil-Gleizes, a 53-year-old teacher, for a rape which allegedly took place in 1985, when she was 16, and a sexual assault which occurred a few years later.

A testimony derided by its publisher

Bénédicte Martin agreed to testify in Do not touch My TV. She notably explained how Patrick Poivre d’Arvor had approached her when she came to present her first novel in his literary program at the time, Night flight. Despite her indifference to the presenter, she agreed to attend his news and it was in his office that he allegedly tried to sexually assault her. She would have managed to make him come to his senses and run away before he got his way. The writer then told how her publisher Frédéric Beigbeder and the author Michel Houellebecq would have reacted to hearing the story of her attack, even having fun with the situation. “I start to tell my story and Frédéric laughs with his thunderous laugh. Nothing is serious. I am flabbergasted by his reaction. Houellebecq is there. And Frédéric takes Michel Houellebecq to task and says to him: ‘Well look, Bénédicte, PPDA is the news he is on,’ she testified. An indifference that still amazes the young woman.

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“It’s not a misdemeanor, it’s not heavy flirting, it’s a crime”

Cyril Hanouna asked his guest what she expected from justice today. “I heard you mention the serial side. And it would be really good for justice to do it for the PPDA affair, because we are dozens, and dozens of women, who have either filed a complaint or testified, anonymously, or in the open, who suffer from not being heard enough, who suffer from his haughtiness, his disdain, his contempt for us. He continues to wear handsome, to be invited”, lamented Bénédicte Martin. “I am invited to a book fair. He is honorary president, I suffer. I say to myself: ‘No, it’s not possible’. The prescription in France means that the facts are too old for it to be judge. What we are waiting for is a trial. It is to be heard. It is that he stands before the judge and that justice afterwards does its work. But we have to go to trial. Such behavior is not a misdemeanor, it’s not heavy flirting, it’s a crime.” she concluded her testimony very strongly.

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