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Chairwoman Cornelia Maier (standing) was able to look back on a successful year.

Chairwoman Cornelia Maier (standing) was able to look back on a successful year.

The Obst- und Gartenbauverein Lustenau (OGV) held its annual general meeting at the weekend.

Lustenau “We can look back on a successful year at the fruit and horticultural association,” said Chairwoman Cornelia Maier proudly in front of the numerous members who attended. Many of the events offered by the association were well attended throughout the year. For the OGV, the coming garden year is all about the “self-sufficient garden”. Preserving, preserving and recognizing the advantages of your own vegetables – these will be the themes of the new year, among other things. But also getting young people more and more excited about the garden is high on the list of priorities at the OGV.

“We traditionally started the pruning course in the spring,” said secretary Tanja Maier. With honorary member Rudi Riedmann, the 25 participants were able to use practical tips for correct pruning in his garden. The rose and shrub pruning course was also well attended. Another highlight was the sowing of sunflowers at the Lustenau market, where the children planted their own sunflowers. At the barbecue in June, the largest sunflower was awarded. Around 30 children took part with their parents and their grandparents. This year again, stately heights and sizes of the flower could be recorded. “The longest sunflower was 3.95 meters high. The circumference of the largest flower head was 1.26 meters,” says Tanja Maier. Other events included the homeopathy lecture by Hans Vogel, the cider festival, the “everything tomato cooking course” and the pumpkin festival in September.

“Unfortunately we had to cancel the beer brewing course and the felting course due to the low number of participants,” explained Chairwoman Maier. The association will therefore only hold courses against prior registration. “It is up to us that we accept this diverse offer from the fruit and gardening association,” added Deputy Mayor Daniel Steinhofer after the remarks. The fruit and horticultural association currently has 447 members.

During the Annual General Meeting, elections for the General Assembly were held. Chairwoman Cornelia Maier, her deputy Hans Vogel and secretary Tanja Maier were again re-elected for three years. Treasurer Anneliese Hollenstein resigned from her post, followed by Patrick Wiedl as treasurer. There was also an innovation in the advisory boards. Dagmar Dorn-Deflorian succeeds Reinhard Helbok. New additions are herbal educators Sabine Simon and Iris Hollenstein. Cornelia Maier is looking forward to the good cooperation with the advisory board. After the elections, the cozy part was not neglected either: All members who attended were able to enjoy the homemade pumpkin cream soup. bv

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