Benjamin Baarli Silseth is looking for young men: – Has lots of good ladies

“Married at First Sight” will make a comeback on Disocvery, and this time it is with Benjamin Baarli Silseth as a psychologist and expert. However, only a few months before the recording is to start, he is missing something essential.

– We have brought in a lot of good ladies, who are actually sitting and waiting for their perfect match. Then I will encourage young men to apply, says Baarli Silseth.

GOOD S: Benjamin visited Marte and Dennis’ studio. Photo: Good evening Norway

He says that they have a good team that works to match people, but that it takes longer for men to apply.

– I think men and emotions are a topic that has been difficult for a long time, and there has been a societal expectation that men should not share so much and be so sensitive, but that is a thing of the past. Then I think men must dare to say out loud that love is something we want, the psychologist explains.

Too many options

Last year reported NRK that there are a record number of singles in Norway. Baarli Silseth believes that all the check apps on today’s dating market are a double-edged sword.

– With Tinder and online dating, we have so many incredible options, and it increases the probability that you find someone who is good for you. At the same time, you have in mind that there are so many fish in the sea, so it is easy to jump on to the next date, the next swipe, says Baarli Silseth.

There is also research that shows that we become addicted to swipe.

– Maybe it makes it harder to commit as well. So if you’re tired of Tinder, join “Married at First Sight”, he laughs.

Marte was remotely controlled by Benjamin’s husband Niklas at the beginning of the interview, see the result here:

Fooled by her husband – gets homophobic questions

Not legally binding

Silseth Baarli says that the program has renewed itself a lot from the last time.

– The couples we have matched are moving into an apartment complex on Grunerl√łkka. Everyone lives in a collective. So they will live together, but have separate bedrooms, he explains.

The couple will continue to marry, but this time it is not legally binding.

– But it will still be weddings, cake, dress, family, friends and party.

MARRIED: Benjamin and Niklas got married in September last year.  Photo: Eivind Senneset

MARRIED: Benjamin and Niklas got married in September last year. Photo: Eivind Senneset

– Terribly sticky

Benjamin Baali Silseth married Niklas Silseth Baarli last year, and says that in the beginning they were like new lovers.

– It was absolutely terribly sticky and we walked around on a pink cloud. It lasts a few months, and then it stabilizes a bit again.

– Now we are back to that everyday love. But there is something special about the fact that I wear a ring on my finger all the time, and I can call Niklas my husband. It feels very grown up! he laughs.

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