Benjamin Castaldi says he won 750,000 euros at the casino … before spending them in 7 days (VIDEO)

This Thursday, October 14, in Do not touch My TV, Raymond threw up a huge file on Benjamin Castaldi, revealing that the host one day spent 750,000 euros won at the casino … In just a few days.

“At the end of the month, I have nothing left”, Benjamin Castaldi confided a few days ago on the set of Do not touch My TV about his complicated financial situation. Victim of a real estate scam in 2003, the host found himself ruined and riddled with debt. Which he still pays the price today. The great days of Secret Story where, he never hid it, he spent his money without counting: traveling in a helicopter, paying for apartments at 2 million euros or spending up to $ 70,000 in a single night in Las Vegas.

“He won a huge amount of money”

In Do not touch My TV, the past financial follies of Benjamin Castaldi have often left the columnists speechless. But this Thursday, October 14, the band of Cyril Hanouna was particularly stunned by the crazy expenses of their colleague. It was Raymond who dropped the compromising file during the section “The Pookie Box”. “He played in the casino in Monaco and he won a huge amount of money. And that huge amount of money, he slammed it one weekend. In a weekend! That is to say that on Friday he received a sum of money, on Sunday evening there was nothing left thus balanced the chronicler. But at first he refuses to say exactly how much, just commenting: “It was a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot.”

“He dropped 750,000 euros in barely a week”

Finally, Raymond says more: “It went with his lifestyle at the time. It was 15 years ago, his lifestyle was ‘money falling from the sky’ as he says. He wanted to please everyone and he released 750,000 euros in barely a week.” This crazy amount leaves the columnists in shock. Ashamed, Benjamin Castaldi then pretends to leave the plateau. Cyril Hanouna therefore tries to find mitigating circumstances for him, by asking him: “Was it in francs at the time?” But he confirms that it was an amount in euros. Faced with stomach-churning columnists, however, Baba defends him by stating: “Benjamin has never hidden that he was completely crazy at the time and that he regrets all that a little bit”.

“Thes arrived with bundles of 500-ball banknotes “

Benjamin Castaldi then nods and tries to explain himself. “That night, I don’t know what happened, whatever I put on the mat, it fit. I went through a crazy thing. And I won, it’s true, 750,000 euros in 45 minutes remembers the host. That evening, he says, the casino even had to close its table because there was no more money in the cash register. “They told me : ‘Mr. Castaldi, now we’ll pay you.’ And they arrived with bundles of 500-dollar bills, I had never seen so many in my life he then continues. Before having fun: “I remember very well, I put it all on my bed and threw myself in!” However, this pool of banknotes will not last long: I invited a lot of friends and we did a week where we did anything. Okay, I was young. And that’s wrong … My father came, I took a continuation from him “. Some of his colleagues then make no secret of disapproving of this financial madness, recalling that many will not earn this sum in a lifetime. Benjamin Castaldi then concludes: “After that, it was just cash so it was annoying to spend“.

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