Benjamin Lavernhe unrecognizable in the first photos of his biopic of Abbé Pierre

The actor, figure of the Comédie Française, has just completed the filming of his greatest challenge: to embody Abbé Pierre, founder of Emmaüs.

After General de Gaulle or Simone Veil, another figure in the history of France sees his life adapted on the big screen: Abbé Pierre. It is Benjamin Lavernhe, of the Comédie Française, seen in particular in The sense of celebrationwho took on the role of founder of Emmaus.

The comedian, best known for his roles in comedies like The speech Where My unknown, will give the reply to Emmanuelle Bercot and Michel Vuillermoz. The shooting, led by Frédéric Tellier (Save or perish, Goliath), has just been completed after seven months of production.

First pictures

The first photos of the film, showing Benjamin Lavernhe unrecognizable as Abbé Pierre at the end of his life, have just been unveiled. The film will retrace the life of the clergyman, whose real name is Henri Grouès, who was for seventeen years the favorite personality of the French.

“Born into a bourgeois family, Henri Grouès was both resistant, deputy, defender of the homeless, revolutionary and iconoclast. From the benches of the National Assembly to the slums of the Parisian suburbs, his commitment to the weakest won international acclaim. Yet every day he doubted his action,” reads the official synopsis for the film, which does not yet have a release date.

Abbé Pierre has been mentioned several times in the cinema. Lambert Wilson played him in winter 54 (1989) by Denis Amar. A film that traces the creation of Emmaüs during the famous harsh winter of 1954. André Reybaz also played it in 1955 in The Rags of Emmaus by Robert Darene. Jean Dujardin finally played him briefly in I feel good (2018) by Kervern and Delépine.

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