Benjamín Vicuña’s reaction when asked about China Suárez

After recording the interview for “La [email protected] Ama”, together with Florence Pena, Benjamin Vicuna He was approached at the exit of the channel by several chroniclers. There he spoke about the end of his most recent relationship with Eli Sulichín and the death of his father.

Despite the note with Intruders, it came to an end, after the notary consulted him about the last post that Eugenia la China Suárez made for her partner, Rusherking where she listed the reasons that led her to fall in love with the young singer.

When asked if he found any hint for him in the words of the mother of his children, Vicuña limited himself to answering: “No, I think it has to do with a moment of happiness. If he is happy and wants to air it on networks, it is his style and it is his way. He is good, what do I know … ”, he affirmed without wanting to delve into the subject.

But it all ended when the LAM journalist approached him with a question that unsettled him: “China on Instagram in a live show that she was not happy with you,” he launched before the bewildered look of Benjamin who quickly concluded the note by saying: “That’s a cheap shot, dear. Bye, bye,” he answered, closing the car door.

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