Bergdoktor Hans Sigl pissed off at the national team at the World Cup because of the “One Love” bandage

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Actually, the German DFB-Elf wanted to set an example. But now that FIFA is threatening sanctions, Manuel Neuer will not wear the “One Love” bandage after all. This withdrawal severely disappointed fans – including mountain doctor Hans Sigl.

Munich – The World Cup in Qatar was heavily criticized even before it started, and even after the first games the negative headlines didn’t diminish. Now the next scandal: FIFA bans the “One Love” captain’s armband and the will of the German national team to set an example disappears all of a sudden. Manuel Neuer (36) and Co. now have to take harsh criticism for this – including from Bergdoktor Hans Sigl (53).

World Cup 2022 in Qatar: Manuel Neuer is now playing without a “One Love” bandage

Fan euphoria, crowded streets, high spirits: that’s the feeling that’s just as much a part of the World Cup as football itself. But this year doesn’t really seem to want to create a party atmosphere. The reason for this is Qatar as the venue. The country is considered misogynist, homophobic, modern slavery is quite normal and corruption is the order of the day.

SOCCER WORLD CUP 2022 test match in Oman 16.11.2022 Oman - Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (li, Germany) with One Love bandage and Leon Goretzka.  Hans Sigl moderates
After FIFA threatened sanctions, Manuel Neuer will not wear the “One Love” armband at the World Cup games after all. This withdrawal severely disappointed fans – including mountain doctor Hans Sigl. (Photomontage) © IMAGO/Ulmer/Teamfoto & IMAGO/Bildagentur Monn

FIFA doesn’t exactly cover itself in glory either. Because the German national team actually wanted to set an example for equality and freedom of expression and send Manuel Neuer into the goal with the “One Love” captain’s armband. But nothing will come of it now. Because FIFA is threatening sanctions, the German national team backs down – and is receiving a fair amount of criticism, including from Bergdoktor Hans Sigl.

Allegations of corruption and human rights violations: the World Cup in Qatar has been criticized

The fact that the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar is causing debate. In addition to allegations of corruption, Qatar’s lack of football tradition and the difficult climatic conditions were criticized. In addition, the human rights situation in Qatar is criticized. There, for example, homosexual couples are not recognized and prosecuted.

At the end of 2011, the then DFB President Theo Zwanziger (77) spoke out in favor of reallocating the World Cup. The former president of the English Football Association, David Bernstein (79), was also against a World Cup in Qatar. FIFA boss Blatter (86) ignored the criticism and made it clear again and again that the World Cup was taking place in Qatar.

Bergdoktor Hans Sigl pissed off at the national team at the World Cup because of the “One Love” bandage

Hans Sigl does not shy away from using his reach for political statements – as he does now. In his Instagram stories, the “Bergdoktor” star reposts a picture of the star. “For fear of Fifa sanctions: Germany and Co. do without ‘One Love’ armbands,” reads the picture. Hans Sigl only has two words for this: “F**k you”. The Bergdoktor underlaid the post with the song of the same name by Lily Allen (37).

Hans Sigl reposts an Instagram picture from the star and criticizes the DFB-Elf for not wearing the
Hans Sigl does not hold back with his criticism of the DFB-Elf © Screenshot Instagram/Hans Sigl

In a second story, Hans Sigl reposts a video of the actress and TV presenter Minh-Khai Phan-Thi (48). The clip shows the Iranian national team refusing to sing their national anthem. A silent protest against the regime and misogyny in her country. “The Iranian team can. You don’t DFB,” the Bergdoktor star commented on the video.

What Hans Sigl thinks of the German national team, he made it more than clear. TV presenter Elton (51) has a similar opinion, he is also angry with Manuel Neuer because he is not wearing the “One Love” bandage after all. Sources used: Instagram/sigl_hans

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