Etrit Berisha

Berisha outgoing: Vagnati is looking for a team for the goalkeeper

Not even called up against Fiorentina, the Albanian goalkeeper is out and Vagnati is looking for a team for him

In addition to income, Torino must also think about exits in this winter transfer market session, which will end on January 31st. The goalkeeper Etrit Berisha he expressed his willingness to want a change of scenery, to have more space. In fact, this year the grenade company has decided to bet everything on Vanya Milinkovic-Savic, with the goalkeeper born in 1989 who felt neglected. Now sporting director Davide Vagnati still has just over a week to find a suitable accommodation for the goalkeeper.

His season

In the season 0 appearances for Berisha. He only played a few friendly matches between summer preparation and the break for the World Cup. Last year, when he was called upon, he did very well. Vanja has played them all, and the Albanian has never found space, not even in the Italian Cup. Ivan Juric explained the decision at the conference, declaring that choices were made in the summer. The Croatian coach would like the goalkeeper to stay, because he has always proved to be an exemplary professional, but his desire to play is understandable. Now it’s up to Vagnati to satisfy the goalkeeper’s requests, now in his second season in the grenade.

Etrit Berisha

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