Berlin mishaps could have influenced the federal election

After the marathon explorations, parties will discuss how to proceed

The parties involved now want to evaluate the results of the exploratory talks in Berlin. Met on Monday and Tuesday SPD and Greens each in threes with the FDP and the Left – both times for more than seven hours. The exploratory teams did not disclose what the content was about in detail.

The goal, however, is to find out how the next one Government coalition in the capital could look. Green parliamentary group leader Bettina Jarasch, the top candidate of her party in the election for the House of Representatives, announced on Tuesday that she would discuss the discussions in the committees and then To come to a result “very promptly”.

Senator for culture and left-wing top candidate Klaus Lederer said on Tuesday that he was left the talks optimisticwhich he praised as interesting and insightful. The SPD state chairman and designated rulers Mayor Franziska Giffey did not give a public assessment. Before that, however, she had already announced that she wanted to be through with the soundings by mid-October – that is, by Friday.

If coalition negotiations are to begin in the next week, this would have to happen beforehand some party bodies still agree – depending on the statutes of the parties. As a Green spokesman said on Tuesday, there could be a state committee meeting on the subject of coalition negotiations on Thursday or Friday evening.

According to an SPD spokeswoman, it is not yet clear when the SPD state executive meetsto decide – but according to reports, Friday evening is also under discussion. the Berliner Linke is planning an extraordinary party conference for Sundayif it is determined by then that the party should be on board in coalition negotiations. The FDP is already legitimized to start coalition talks, but could also convene a small party congress at short notice, according to a spokesman on Tuesday.

Should there be no clarity in the coming days about who should hold coalition talks with whom, however, it is possible that the committee meetings will be postponed. So far, the SPD and the Greens have not yet agreed: SPD country chief Giffey announced last Friday that her party’s preference was a coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. So far, the Greens have always emphasized that they prefer an alliance of the SPD, the Greens and the Left. (dpa)

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