Bernard Montiel: this international star he met in very special circumstances (VIDEO)

In Video Gage, Bernard Montiel has revealed that he met an international star in an unlikely setting and outfit.

After proposing Waf Waf Wouf Wouf last week, C8 broadcast this Thursday, November 25, a new original concept, Video Gage. As the name suggests, the show received personalities who became stars of the small screen or social networks more or less voluntarily, and the person who discovered the identity of the guest could give a pledge to one. other chroniclers. This show was presented by Guillaume Genton, whose Cyril Hanouna had finally ceded the entire animation of the program in Do not touch My TV.

The moments of loneliness experienced by the chroniclers

Guillaume Genton rebroadcast the moment of loneliness of a young Versaillais before a Snoop Dogg concert, well-known images broadcast in 2009 in The small newspaper of Canal +. In its wake, the admirer of Delphine Wespiser asked the other columnists if they had ever experienced such a moment of embarrassment in their lives. Jean-Michel Maire returned to the time when he found himself naked on the set of the show. “It’s funny for the one who watches it, it’s less funny for the one who does it”, he noted, in front of the amusement of his host. Bernard Montiel had a very embarrassing moment on a lagoon on an island in Thailand. A mishap that he of course shared with his playmates. “We were quiet with a friend. We don’t give a damn about myself. I don’t like to show myself off, then I’m always a little afraid of photographers. I don’t have much interest in being naked”, did he begin his story. But his peace was short-lived. “Except that a very famous singer arrives. They arrived filming her. We were in the water, hiding, we didn’t want to go out. She turned this cone for an hour and a half. On the beach, and we had all our stuff next door “, he continued.

Britney Spears disturbed the tranquility of Bernard Montiel

By popular demand, the former host of Video Gag revealed the name of the singer who had disturbed her peace and that of her friend. It was Britney Spears. A revelation that astonished the other chroniclers “She’s wonderful. I like her a lot. But we couldn’t talk to her, we were naked”, he concluded.

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