Berni tried to defend himself against the accusations against him: "The election year was brought forward"

The Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Bernitried to defend himself this Wednesday against the complaints of illicit enrichment against him and maintained that it is “target of a press operation” linked to the 2023 electoral campaign. He did so in an activity in the 9 de Julio district, where he delivered 14 new patrol cars and gave a press conference to local media together with the local mayor Mariano Barroso Together for Change.

There, the Minister of Security referred to the rumors of resignation after the speech that Cristina Kirchner gave in La Plata about security and the complaint against him for alleged laundering, illicit enrichment, aggravated tax evasion and documentary falsification presented by the Civic Coalition after a journalistic report.

In this context, he pointed out that it is “target of a press operation” and that “it’s not the first time” going through such a situation. “This same methodology, denounced by (Jorge) Lanata and later the same political space that denounced me in Justice, they already did it to me in 2015,” he recalled.

Berni linked the accusation to an “advancement of the electoral year” since it is known that he is “a political actor” and in “this country dirtying is free.” “Already in 2015 they did the exact same thing to me. The Supreme Court of Justice and its Court of Accounts and its experts, for four years, studied all my assets and I was dismissed ”, he indicated.

“And since I already have experience in this, I am going to do the same: I will introduce myself, they will assess my accounts”, indicated. And he pointed out that “All my heritage, unlike many, is in sight”.

Berni’s figure has been at the center of criticism in recent days. It is that, last Thursday in La Plata, the vice president referred to the security problems and at a later dinner with her the mayors targeted Berni. Within this framework, there are versions about the possibility of Berni’s resignation and the merger of the Justice and Security ministries under a single area in charge of the current head of the Justice and Human Rights portfolio, Julio Alak.

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