Best 90 km/h electric scooter: the comparative guide

Electric scooters are popular in 2022, but not all models are suitable for everyone. Depending on your location, and the road that separates you, for example, from your work, it may be necessary to opt for a model capable of driving up to 90 km/h. This type of electric scooter should therefore be able to use the Paris ring road and most ring roads and other urban expressways.

In addition to being fast, most of the models in this 90 km/h electric scooter comparison offer a comfortable range and connected features. Due to their large size, however, batteries are not always removable in this category. It will therefore be necessary to plan to be able to park your 90 km/h electric scooter in a place equipped with a power outlet to recharge it.

The scooters in this selection are (with some exceptions) all 125 cc equivalents: you can drive them with a B license and short training or an A1 licence.

Top 90km/h electric scooter :

  1. Rider 5000W 2022
  2. Silence S01
  3. NIU NQi GTS
  4. Silence S01 More
  5. Pink Mobility Pink Style Plus

1. Rider 5000W 2022

The best 90 km/h electric scooter in 2022

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An excellent 90 km/h electric scooter, the Rider 5000W is one of the most popular models in France, including with rental companies. The reason ? We are on extremely reliable scooters, and equipped with a good technical sheet which makes them among the most difficult quality-price ratios to beat.

Thanks to its 5.2 kW engine, the Rider 5000W is capable of traveling up to 95 km/h, all for a manufacturer autonomy of 100 km (80 km real). This very economical mode of transport costs only 40 euro cents per kilometre.

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The battery is removable, although relatively heavy. To somewhat compensate for this inconvenience, the manufacturer has integrated a rapid recharging system which allows the batteries to be recharged in just 5 hours. This 90 km/h electric scooter is eligible for several aids and bonuses, the amount of which depends on your place of residence.

2. Silence S01

The most stylish 90 km/h electric scooter

silence s01

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The Silence 01 is a 90 km/h electric scooter built in Catalonia. We are on a model even more powerful than the Rider 5000 W, since the motor of the Silence 01 has a nominal power of 7000 W and up to 9000 W at peak. Thanks to these characteristics, it is one of the scooters in this 90 km/h electric scooter comparison delivering the best acceleration.

0-50 km/h is achieved in just 3.8 seconds. And it can naturally reach 90 km / h (95 km / h according to the manufacturer). To do this, you must choose the Sport mode. Other modes more suitable for the city, such as Eco mode and Standard mode, limit the speed to 45 km – enough to take the streets of the city center.

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When you select one of these modes, you gain autonomy: this scooter can travel up to 130 km between each recharge. The batteries of this 90 km/h electric scooter are removable. To make its weight less problematic (it still weighs 40 kg), the manufacturer has integrated a trolley system.


The best-equipped 90 km/h electric scooter


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You are undoubtedly familiar with the NIU brand. It is the preferred manufacturer of many electric scooter fleets in free-floating. And how could it be otherwise with such value for money, features and five-star reliability?

The first plus of this electric scooter over the competition is its connected dimension. The scooter is permanently connected to 4G and GSM, and connects to your smartphone so you can access more advanced features.


The power is a little below what other references in this best 90 km/h electric scooter comparison offer. The 3,000 W Bosch motor allows it to travel up to 80 km/h, which is however sufficient for most ring roads, urban expressways and ring roads in France.

4. Silence S01 Plus

The most muscular 90 km/h electric scooter

Silence S01 More

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The Silence 01 Plus is the version above the basic Silence 01. Obviously the technical sheet is therefore more muscular for this 90 km / h electric scooter. We have a motor that delivers 7.5 kW of base power and up to 9 kW peak. Enough to allow you to drive a little above 90 km / h for more comfort, for example for overtaking vehicles on the ring road.

On top of that, this 90 km/h electric scooter delivers great acceleration, with a torque of 165 Nm. The battery is removable and mounted on a trolley like the basic model. Here we have a 5.6 kW pack which can take the user over a distance of 130 km (manufacturer). Note that for this you will have to opt for the eco mode.

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Because it is with the Sport mode that you will be entitled to the most frank accelerations and a top speed of 100 km/h. The other modes limit performance in favor of autonomy. Which is also useful for respecting speed limits in town.

5. Pink Mobility Pink Style Plus

A good 90 km/h electric scooter with a retro look

pink mobility pink style plus

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Pink Mobility’s Pink Style bets, as its name suggests, on a deliciously retro style – with all the same great performance since the machine, equipped with a 3,000 W motor, can travel up to 85 km/h which allows travel between the center of large cities and a residence in the suburbs, for example.

This scooter delivers a range of 80 km via two batteries that recharge to 100% in about 6 hours. Each of these batteries weighs 11 kg, which makes them easier to transport than other references. An important point if you live upstairs in a building without an elevator.

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For the rest, this scooter is particularly economical – since the estimated cost per kilometer is only 50 euro cents.

6.NIU MQi GT Evo

A more powerful 90 km/h electric scooter from NIU

niu mqi gt evo

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If 80 km/h is not enough, the NIU MQi GT Evo is undoubtedly the 90 km/h electric scooter for you. This reference can indeed drive at a peak up to 100 km / h which leaves you a little margin to overtake on the suburban expressways. All with a range of 40 km if you often drive around this speed, or 75 km in other modes.

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The scooter has a motor with a nominal power of 5,000 W capable of delivering up to 6,500 W at peak. This allows this mid-range model to be particularly swift and deliver great acceleration as soon as you need it. The quality and reliability of the NIU brand is found in this model.

Which is otherwise just as connected as the NIU NQi GTS. In addition, its two removable batteries (14 kg each, which is rather in the low bracket – a good point if you live upstairs) fully recharge in about 4:30. Note however that for a comparable price the Rider 5000W at the very top of this selection offers a maximum range of 100 km.

7. RED Electric E125

The best 90 km/h electric scooter for maximum range

RED Electric E125

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Autonomy is at the heart of this 90 km/h electric scooter, since thanks to its pack made up of 4 batteries, the RED Electric E125 is able to take you, in Eco mode, over a distance of up to 210 km. All for a maximum speed of 100 km/h which leaves you a little margin to overtake.

In the intermediate mode, the autonomy is also rather comfortable since we are talking about 160 km. The device is extremely well equipped since it has an on-board screen, and a very practical integrated GPS system to find your way even if your smartphone is out of battery.

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Each battery (there are 4) is removable. Each of them weighs 14 kg, which is quite reasonable if you live upstairs without a lift (the set weighs a total of 48 kg, but it is possible to assemble them in several stages). The pack is charged via a standard 220 V socket, in 5 to 6 hours.

8.Horwin SK3

A good 90 km/h electric scooter with a range of 140 km

Horwin SK3

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Another excellent reference for autonomy, the Horwin SK3 is a 90 km/h electric scooter equipped with a rather powerful 6,200 kW motor (maximum speed 90 km/h) which delivers strong accelerations, and the vehicle has modes of driving that limits speed (and stretches range) to adapt to all road and traffic conditions.

And that’s not all: this electric scooter is connected. It has a nice on-board screen, keyless start function and a front USB socket so you can charge your smartphone if needed before getting on your Horwin SK3.

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With Eco mode, you can drive up to 140 km (manufacturer’s figures). In practice, the maximum autonomy remains excellent at 120 km. On seeing fast count on 70 km, and rather on 90 km in mixed use (if you change mode often).

Conclusion of this 90 km/h electric scooter comparison

Have you found the 90 km/h electric scooter you need? Most French people looking for an electric scooter in this category favor the Rider 5000W 2022, the number 1 scooter in this comparison because of its value for money, its performance, its autonomy and its reliability.

But the Silence 01 is an excellent alternative, in particular thanks to its innovative design and its connected functionalities. Of course, if you have to use urban and suburban expressways on a daily basis, we advise you to opt above all for engine power, maximum speed and recovery.

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But if range is what counts for you, the two scooters at the bottom of this ranking – the RED Electric E125 and the Horwin SK3 – are arguably the best choices thanks to their maximum ranges of 210 km and 140 km respectively.

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Note that other factors may come into play to make the right choice. Pay particular attention to the weight of the batteries or whether or not they are removable, which can make all the difference if you live in an apartment.

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