Best stew dishes 2022: Algerian chakhchoukha in the top 15

Traditional Algerian dishes are known for their diversity and authenticity throughout the world, they largely represent the cultural identity of the country, and today attract more and more tourists and food lovers who are now interested to Mediterranean saviors.

Indeed, the international culinary guide TasteAtlas displays and for many occasions Algerian dishes and specialties in its world ranking, thanks to these scores won, hundreds of videographers and summer visitors post their tastings and approve. Moreover, three weeks ago, Makrout El Louz was in the top 5 of the best traditional cakes, dethroning many classics around the world, and a hundred interactions and tastings on Twitter expressing their wonder by the cake.

The Algerian Chakhchoukha ranked in the top 15 in the world

For this Wednesday, September 21, it is the Chakhchoukha which appears 14ᵉ in the world rank and 2ᵉ in the African rank, appearing as the first stew on the Arab and North African level. This popular Algerian dish, particularly prepared in the wilayas of the East including Constantine, Mila, Sétif, but also Batna, Khanchela and Biskra is present in many religious celebrations and family celebrations: Mawlid Nabawi, Aïd, weddings and gatherings, the famous is always on point.

This dish is also present in the four corners of the country and its method of preparation differs from one region to another, generally, Chakhchoukha is prepared based on a pancake cooked on a cast iron tagine, which is then cut by hand in order to obtain small regular pieces which, once steamed, will be drizzled with red sauce, some cities rely on the addition of dried apricots, dates and raisins for a sweet and salty mixture, and others prefer to keep the classic taste and flavors of this dish.

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