Betty’s diagnosis: Betty terminates Rike’s friendship

The dream made Rike aware that going it alone was wrong. She admits to Betty: “I screwed up, really,” but doesn’t say what she means yet.

Meanwhile, Betty comes to a different conclusion. Frank’s last present falls to the ground and breaks. And something in Betty too: “I really thought I would be further along,” she says to Rike. “I miss him.” Rike comforts her and postpones her date with Olli. He understands and even makes her a confession of love. “I really didn’t think I could get involved and trust someone like that again.” Rike can no longer bear her feelings of guilt alone and tells Betty what she did. “You, I have to tell you something. I stopped the pill.” Her friend is surprised: “Why? Does Olli want it now?”

When Rike replies that Oliver doesn’t know anything about it, Betty is shocked: “Tell me, do you still have them all?” And like Olli in a dream, she leaves Rike alone. Rike doesn’t want to accept that. “You said we can always talk about anything.” But Betty is also friends with Olli. “What am I supposed to do now? Lie to him? What kind of situation are you putting me in?” While Rike appeals to Betty’s understanding, she replies “I don’t understand anymore who you actually are. What shit are you doing, Rike?”

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