Between yesterday and today there were five traffic accidents involving motorcycles on mission roads

Saturday, August 06, 2022 | 11:00 a.m.

Riding a motorcycle carries its share of risk. It is a statistical fact: those who drive motorcycles are more likely to suffer an accident and this is demonstrated daily in the province of Misiones.


In a collector on Quaranta Avenue, almost Zapiola Avenue, a motorcyclist was injured after colliding with a truck that was parked.

The incident occurred in the early hours of this Saturday, so the injured person had to be transferred by ambulance to the Dr. Ramón Madariaga Hospital.

In Colectora Sur, more precisely, 200 meters from the Argentine Customs, Santiago I. stated that Jorge N., 33, was riding a 110 cc Corven motorcycle. accompanied by Julio C. when, for reasons that are being established, he lost control skidding on the asphalt strip.

The two occupants of the motorcycle were taken to the Hospital Escuela de Agudos Dr. Ramón Madariaga to receive medical attention.

Puerto Rico

On 9 de Julio Avenue at the intersection with Padre Lassberg Street, a 150 cc Honda motorcycle. commanded by Carlos R. was hit from the front by a Fiat Multicarga vehicle.

After the impact, the largest shot takes off. The motorcyclist sustained injuries as a result of the collision. The location of the vehicle still persists as well as the delay of the driver.

The Golden

On Hipólito Irigoyen avenue and Asunción street, a Renault Duster vehicle commanded by Carla R., 42, collided with a 110 cc Keller motorcycle. which was driven by Luisa L., 65, who was traveling accompanied by a 9-year-old minor.

The occupants of both vehicles had to be transferred to the Samic hospital.

Bernard of Irigoyen

On Silvadico Avenue a 110 cc Yamaha motorcycle. At the command of a 17-year-old minor, he lost control and fell on the asphalt, resulting in visibly injured being immediately transferred by ambulance to the local hospital.

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