Beware of accidents! Follow these electrical safety tips in your home

With the Christmas just around the corner, many people continue the tradition of decorating their homes with decorations related to this festivity. However, it is precisely on these dates, which should be synonymous with peace and tranquility, when more electrical accidentseither by using bad materials, acquiring inappropriate products or not taking precautions when making the installations.

Fernando Gainza, Commercial Manager of CELSA, explains that this season the electrical accidents They are more frequent, since the usual current load that the home system supports is added to the use of electrical ornaments, such as decorative lights, colored bulbs, electronic items, among others.

“Prolonged use of these products raises the temperature of the wiring and if it is not designed to resist, said increase can cause accidents, such as short circuits and fires,” says the expert.

For this reason, the specialist mentions five recommendations that must be taken when disposing of the ornaments of Christmas:

Evaluate the state of electrical connections

The first step to start any project with the current is to know the real conditions in which the network is located. The presence of cables exposed, refurbished by hand or with damaged insulation are signs that should not be ignored. It is important to replace wiring at the first sign of deterioration and to choose quality and safety products that are 100% copper at warranty locations.

Have the electrical protection system in good condition

It is necessary to verify that the security elements of the house work correctly. Thermomagnetic keys must be used on the main board, have separate circuits and have a differential switch. This last element protects people’s lives from receiving a deadly electric shock. In addition, grounding systems prevent electrocutions due to leakage current.

Choosing the right lights

Regarding the variety, the use of LED lighting for interiors is recommended since they heat up less than traditional ones. In the case of exteriors, there are special lights that withstand humid conditions and the presence of water, so it is important to review the manufacturer’s instructions.

Using lights safely

This Christmas symbol should not stay on for a long time, as it runs the risk of overheating and causing a short circuit. The recommendation is that their use does not exceed 5 continuous hours, do not connect them through overloaded extensions or forget to unplug them before going to sleep.

correct extensions

Avoid using extension cords as they tend to recharge and short circuit. The ideal is to connect the Christmas lights directly to the sockets, without recharging them.

What to do if a short circuit occurs at home?

In the event of a short circuit in the home, the person must immediately leave the place, cut off the power from the main board and look for a fire extinguisher in case there is a fire. If necessary, you can contact the fire department at number 116.

It is necessary to follow the electrical safety recommendations in order to avoid accidents and, in case of doubt, call a trained technician to certify the proper functioning of the connections in your home.



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