BEWARE OF SPOILERS! Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero leaked in full on YouTube

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It is already installed in theaters in Japan. the tape of Tetsuro Kodamabased on the work of Akira Toriyama successfully debuted in his home country.

The reviews of the specialized media that had access to the film suggest that this is one of the best films that the franchise has had with great references to the best sagas of the series: those of Dragon Ball Z.

However, the negative factor that cannot be overlooked by Toei Animation is the difference in release dates for Japan and the rest of the world.

the followers of Dragon Ball we have to wait two months to see the movie, at least in good quality. And we emphasize the latter because the tape is already complete in YouTube and different Internet platforms.

The famous video service has deleted the material of how many users have uploaded it in recent days. But there is so much material that is being mounted on the platform that it gets out of hand.

Likewise, on social networks there are countless users who post images from the film that reveal aspects of Gohan and the mysterious villain who had hidden the Red patrol in that giant sphere that we saw in the previews.

Did we eat the spoiler? Of course. But that is not why we are going to harm the experience for those who have managed to survive the leaks.

Our advice…

For those who have not run into spoilers, who must now be some kind of legends since the volume of leaks is rude, it is that they continue with their normal life in their daily walk through social networks. Yes indeed, Don’t even think about entering the hashtag Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, since everything is there too.

The accounts of insiders most popular of Dragon Ball: call them DBS Hype either DBS Chronicleto take two well-known examples, are uploading revealing content, but with the images covered with the sensitive content warning that the same social media platform gives you.

It will be up to each person to access this type of information.

When does Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero arrive in Latin America?

There was one piece of information that was leaked: the release of the film in the United States. The different posters installed in North American theaters say that, indeed, the film comes out on August 19. So we obviously wonder: Will it be the same for Latin America?

So far it is unknown if this will officially be the same premiere for Latin American movie theaters. However, everything seems to indicate that it will indeed be. Perhaps it will be revealed a few days later since the shooting of these films depends on dubbing into different languages.

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