Beware of this strange symptom that few people know that indicates a nail disease

Having well-groomed nails is not only aesthetic, but also healthy. In fact, taking care of this symbol of beauty is doubly important. Especially women know this well, but more and more men have also rediscovered the pleasure of manicures. And we are not just talking about businessmen, lawyers, representatives just to name a few categories. Showing well-groomed nails, obviously compatibly with one’s work, is an advantage in society. But we must be careful because even at this time of the year our nails run major health risks. And we’re not just talking about fingernails, but toenails as well. So, beware of this strange symptom that few know of which indicates a nail disease.

Moisture is perhaps the number 1 enemy of our nails


If we think that nails can weaken and get sick especially in winter it is only partially true. In fact, being forced for many hours of the day to stay closed in the socks in the shoes, the toenails suffer. But humidity is one of the main enemies of the health of our nails. And even if on these very hot summer days, we try to keep our feet bare, the humidity level is even higher.

Beware of this strange symptom that few people know that indicates a nail disease

When the infection takes hold of the nail, we must be careful that it does not spread to the other parts of the foot. It is theonychomycosis the main problem affecting our nails. According to industry statistics in more than 8 out of 10 cases, this disease affects the toenails due to excessive sweating. Hence, nearly 10% of the population constantly suffer from it, especially after the age of 45. It usually comes with green, black and brown spots. In addition to the traditional passage of the nail from white to yellow. This type of disorder accounts for nearly 50% of nail-related diseases.

There are some categories that are more at risk

As often happens for any type of disease there are categories of individuals most at risk, and medicine identifies them as:

  • immunodepressi;
  • diabetics;
  • Senior citizens;
  • subjects with peripheral circulation problems;
  • sufferers of psoriasis and nail dystrophy.

Especially those who suffer from diabetes, in the event of onychomycosis, should not underestimate it because it could cause a series of annoying and annoying complications. For this reason once again we remind the importance of consulting our doctor or at least the trusted pharmacist.


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