BEYOND AWARDS Innovation Award registration opens, subverting the status quo of the industry with cutting-edge technology

BEYOND Expo 2022 goes beyond again

In order to focus on the most cutting-edge concepts of technological innovation and development, it will demonstrate the influence of technology in various industries in the present and future society. Promote scientific and technological innovation, the deep integration of capital and industry, accelerate the transformation of traditional industries, and promote the sustainable development of people and society.The 2nd BEYOND International Science and Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo 2022) is coming with the theme of “Exceeding Again”. It will be held at the Venetian Macao Cotai Convention and Exhibition Center from September 21 to 24. This conference will be fully upgraded to create The three sub-brands: BEYOND Healthcare, BEYOND Sustainability, and BEYOND Consumer Tech will focus on the three major areas of life sciences, sustainable development and consumer technology.From independent professional exhibition areas to vertical industry forums, we will promote professional exchanges in various vertical industries in the field, jointly promote the comprehensive upgrading and development of the industry, and promote reforms to help the development of the global innovation ecosystem.

BEYOND Expo 2022 will set up an exhibition area of ​​nearly 80,000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 4,000 innovative companies and 20,000+ technological innovation seekers to gather here, and more than 120 countries and regions from China, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East. 600 exhibitors from Fortune 500, large multinational companies, innovative unicorns and new start-ups participated. The BEYOND Organizing Committee will also strive to create more than 100 forums and matchmaking events to promote mutual exchanges and cooperation within the industry and promote digital transformation.At the same time, BEYOND Expo 2022 will also launch the BEYOND Online Expo (BEYOND Metaexpo), as an infinite extension of BEYOND Expo 2022 online,BEYOND Metaexpo will break the boundaries between reality and virtuality, providing a brand new virtual exhibition space for companies participating in BEYOND to experience the new changes in the field of technological innovation.

also,BEYOND Expo 2022 will also set up BEYOND Awards around the three sub-brands of life science, sustainable development and consumer technology.Including the BEYOND Awards Innovation Award and the BEYOND Awards Influence Award, through the discovery and encouragement of the products and services of individuals or technology companies with outstanding performance, market development potential and social influence in various industries and fields, to show scientific and technological innovation to the world. The infinite possibilities of technological influence.

As an important part of BEYOND Expo, BEYOND Awards Innovation Awards will set up Life Science Innovation Awards, Sustainable Development Innovation Awards, and Consumer Technology Innovation Awards for the three sub-brands of BEYOND Expo.Aims to discover and encourage innovative companies and innovative products with breakthrough technologies and industry-leading solutions of the year, give voice to brands, promote cutting-edge innovative technologies to subvert the status quo, and provide a steady stream of impetus for a sustainable future

The Innovation Award will be awarded from multiple dimensions such as technological innovation, business value, and marketing capabilities of the enterprise. On the basis of the recognition of the enterprise in the innovation field to which it belongs, the selection will more extensively discuss the business influence brought by technological innovation.

01 Selection Instructions

How to nominate:

The selection is open to global recruitment, and companies participate in the selection through online nominations

(1) BEYOND official website nomination

(2) Partner recommendation and nomination:

* Partners will be announced one after another, so stay tuned!

For cooperation inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Selection process and method:

Nominate:June 30 application deadline: please submit your application by 23:59 (GMT+8)

How to apply: Scan the QR code below or click the link ( Enter the official website, fill in the form and attach the attachment, and submit it with one click.

Primary election:From July 1st to July 20th, the jury will conduct online review, preliminary screening, and confirm entry into the checklist;

Check:From July 20th to August 31st, the jury will conduct a second selection, and the selection form will be online + offline roadshow, one-on-one Q&A, etc., and it will be confirmed to enter the final shortlist;

Final election:From August 31st to September 15th, the full resolution of the jury;

Exhibitors:From September 21st to 24th, BEYOND Expo2022 will be exhibited on site;

Awards ceremony:On September 24th, the BEYOND Awards ceremony will announce the top ten companies in each award.

02 Nomination Conditions

industry sector:

Open to all innovative technologies, products and solutions that benefit the industry and society. Focus on the fields of “life science”, “consumer technology” and “sustainable development” that the three sub-brands of BEYOND Expo focus on.

progression stage:

The applicant must be a legally registered company, regardless of country; the product or technology participating in the election must be listed between 2019 and 2022.

Project requirements:

The technologies and products submitted in the application shall not infringe any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to patents, copyrights and trade secrets.

03 Selection criteria

Market influence:

Driven by influence and guided by the market, it always creates positive social influence in the process of technological innovation, and has a strong sense of social responsibility and mission. Have high technical feasibility and clear access to the market, have formed a sustainable business model and generate income, have market expansion foundation and strategic thinking.

Disruptive innovation:

Innovative companies and innovative products with breakthrough technologies and industry-leading solutions that contribute to sustainable human development and enhance human well-being. Taking scientific and technological innovation as the fulcrum, it will boost the self-innovation and industrial upgrading of various vertical industries.

Team and Management:

Have a strong corporate culture, correct company development orientation and values, take into account internationality and innovation, fully understand the target customers and the industry they belong to, and be able to solve related problems through innovation. Seize the advantage in the future market, have a certain scale, look at the problem with a development perspective, and identify the growth point of long-term value creation.

04 Awards and benefits

Enterprises that enter the final selection will receive:

BEYOND Expo 60% subsidy

60% of the standard booth subsidy provided by the BEYOND Expo Organizing Committee (each company can only subsidize one booth).

• BEYOND Expo investment and financing docking fast track

You can enjoy the fast track of BEYOND Expo investment and financing docking.

Share all media resources of the conference

All media resources of the conference can be shared.

The top ten companies in each award will receive:

BEYOND Expo 100% subsidy

100% of the standard booth subsidy provided by the organizing committee of the conference (each company is limited to one booth subsidy).

travel allowance

A corporate member at the co-founder level can be recommended to receive the Macau travel subsidy (economy class) provided by the organizing committee of the conference.

BEYOND Expo10 tickets

Get 10 BEYOND Expo tickets.

BEYOND Expo direct access and full media live exposure

You can get direct access to various social activities of BEYOND Expo and full media and live broadcast exposure opportunities to showcase products to live audiences and online global audiences.

Guest dinners and business meetings

Invitation-based events such as invited guests dinners and business meetings.

BEYOND Expo investment and financing docking fast track

You can enjoy the fast track of BEYOND Expo investment and financing docking.

Share all media resources of the conference

All conference media resources can be shared.

*The final interpretation right belongs to the BEYOND Organizing Committee

In addition, BEYOND AWARDS also includes the BEYOND Awards Impact Awards,Committed to providing a platform for coexistence, multi-empowerment, and linking domestic and foreign “technology x influence” ecology for enterprises that lead the future and promote change Great contributions and reforms, companies that solve carbon emissions, national health, ecological protection, social poverty alleviation and other issues through technological innovation, build corporate and brand influence, enhance corporate social responsibility, empower technological innovation industries, and boost digital transformation.

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