Bianca and Philippe are seen together again – a month after the breakup

Many must have been confused…

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There are few people who evoke as much emotion as the influencer queen, and Pernilla Wahlgren’s daughter, Bianca Ingrosso. Her audience of millions follows her every move, and it’s rare that things in her life aren’t documented.

In August, it became clear that Bianca and boyfriend Philippe Cohen had broken up, for the ninth time, and it seems to Bianca that she is very sure of her choice. Many were certainly surprised when he suddenly appeared – again.

Pernilla in tears after the photos of her son – the friends break up

Would move in together

Yes, Bianca and Philippe have a long love affair behind them. They met before Bianca was the big name she is now, and have followed each other into real adulthood.

Before the couple broke up, Bianca had just bought her extravagant luxury apartment in Östermalm, where she told that she planned to put down roots with Philippe. But it didn’t happen that way, and after much speculation, she confirmed the break-up during the summer.

– I haven’t vlogged in like two months, the last one you saw, then I felt like shit, so shit shit shit, but now I’m a completely new person. Bibbi is single, so damn funny, and I’ve never felt so good, Bianca said on her YouTube channel.

The eerie detail in the picture of Pernilla’s unknown brother – everyone sees the same thing!

Seen together

After the break-up, ex-boyfriend Philippe has been silent, but Bianca has made it clear what was causing the friction in the relationship. She said, among other things, that she lost herself in the relationship.

– I have left a relationship that did not give me energy or challenges or positive vibes. I wasn’t seen or heard and wasn’t allowed to be the Bianca that I actually am, says Bianca Ingrosso, among other things, in her vlog.

When the new season of Wahlgren’s world has now started, many therefore risk getting confused. Already in the first episode, when a sneak peek of what’s to come is shown, Philippe appears at Bianca’s side. Also with a declaration of love from Pernilla, who tells her that she loves him.

But the answer is that the couple did not find their way back to each other. The season was filmed earlier in the year, before the couple broke up. You can therefore count on seeing him once in a while in Wahlgren’s world, even though they broke up.

The clips that are now broadcast on TV were recorded earlier this year.

Photo: Discovery+

Photo: Discovery+/TT

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