Bianca Ingrosso reveals: Big decision on children with Phillipe Cohen

Bianca Ingrosso reveals her child plans.

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Bianca Ingrosso has a long history with Phillipe Cohen. They have had an on and off relationship for almost nine years. Yes, they have broken up eight times and been apart for extended periods at regular intervals.

On the other hand, they have always found their way back to each other, and this time the future looks bright for the couple.

Soon they move into a luxury apartment in the middle of Östermalm together, and now Bianca also gives a message to children.

Biancas Ingrossos child message

In addition to running the multimillion-dollar company CAIA, Bianca also works with social media. Among other things, she has a youtube channel with just over 400,000 subscribers, where she gives her followers an insight into her life.

Now she has published a new video where she talks about her dreams and goals in life.

– I have a huge dream that I have not fulfilled yet. And it is … My mother and I have been talking about this since I was very young and we worked with an orphanage in Thailand after the tsunami, that she and I would very much like to open an orphanage. Start an orphanage together. Or a dog home.

She continues with another revelation:

– It has always been a huge dream for me. And also to adopt a child. Or a dog in the future. So it’s a dream and a goal I’ve always had.

– So it’s kind of, apart from having children yourself, it’s my biggest dream in life.

The future with boyfriend Phillipe Cohen

In two weeks, Bianca will receive the keys to her new home where she wants to start a family with Phillipe.

A luxury apartment of 300 square meters must have cost around SEK 50 million, on which it will also be renovated. The kitchen, bathroom and living room will be moved, rebuilt and repainted – and it is expected to take up to a year before it is ready, so it will take some time to move in.

Photo: Instagram / Bianca Ingrosso

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