Bianca Ingrosso reveals: – It is very sad

On Thursday evening, celebrities flocked to Stordalen’s new hotel, Sommerro, for this year’s ELLE gala. It is the first time that the fashion magazine ELLE invites to the gala.

Among the approximately 150 invited guests, influencer Bianca Ingrosso made the trip from Stockholm to attend the evening’s event.

– It is incredibly fun to be invited to the Norwegian ELLE gala, says the Swedish star.

– I haven’t seen much of Oslo, since I’m traveling back to Sweden tomorrow morning. I’m actually thinking of taking a whole weekend here later, so I can check out the city properly.

Open about loneliness

In the past, Bianca Ingrosso has been honest about feeling lonely.

In a YouTube video from 2020 she openly shares that she does not have many friends, and that she experiences anxiety after being with many people.

– I don’t have that many close friends. I don’t like taking people in so close, says Ingrosso in the video.

To Good evening Norway, Ingrosso reveals that she is often alone at Christmas.

– My whole family works at Christmas, so then I often feel lonely, she says on the red carpet.

– All my friends go home to their own families, while my family goes away to go to work. That’s why I basically stay alone in my apartment.

– It is very sad. I probably always get a little depressed at Christmas.

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Bianca with her mother, artist Pernilla Wahlgren.  Photo: Robert Eklund

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER: Bianca with her mother, artist Pernilla Wahlgren. Photo: Robert Eklund

Celebrity family

With over one million followers on Instagram, her own make-up brand and her own TV show, Bianca Ingrosso has become one of Sweden’s biggest stars.

The 27-year-old is the daughter of the Swedish artist Pernilla Wahlgren (54). The family became particularly well-known in the Nordics after the family’s reality series “Wahlgren’s world”, where viewers get an insight into the celebrity family’s everyday life.

Bianca’s little brother, Benjamin Ingrosso is also an artist. During his career, he has represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest and become one of the country’s most high-profile artists.

When Good Evening Norway met the artist earlier this year, he was recently linked up with the Norwegian model Fr√łya Winther (24). However, the artist was secretive about the romance rumours.

– I am in love with myself

In August, Bianca Ingrosso could share that she had recently become single. She previously had a relationship with Phillipe Cohen for eight years, despite the fact that the couple have publicly called it quits and found their way back to each other several times.

On the red carpet, Ingrosso confirms that she is still single.

– I am doing great. I’m really in love with myself, and it’s been a very long time since I’ve felt it, she shares with Good Evening Norway.

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