Bianca Ingrosso’s outburst is caught on film – Pernilla breaks down after the words

There were dramatic scenes that unfolded during the drive.

The Wahlgren/Ingrosso family is without further ado one of Sweden’s most famous families. In addition to almost each of the members having their own successful career, they are also successful in Pernilla Wahlgren’s own reality show, Wahlgren’s World.

The fact that they don’t shy away from showing emotions is just one of the reasons why they went home to the cabins. The latest episode of the program was no exception – when a big fight breaks out during a car journey.

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Bianca puts her foot down

Pernilla Wahlgren, Benjamin Ingrosso and Bianca Ingrosso are in Spain, and Pernilla is behind the wheel. It is when she brings up a sensitive topic that the mood completely changes. Bianca Ingrosso has several times spoken openly about her suffering from the eating disorder bulimia, and Pernilla tries to help Bianca, who suffered from stomach problems as a result.

– I spoke to a bulimia doctor who says that this is exactly what happened to you now, with a swollen stomach. That digestion stops, because the body ends up out of sync. In the end, the body rejects all dairy products and so, so then you may have to change your diet instead, Pernilla tries to help her daughter.

Then Bianca chooses to put her foot down. She believes that the family gives her double messages, that Pernilla now advised her to change her diet to deal with her problems, while others believe that her changes to her diet are part of her eating disorder.

– You kind of have to decide how to talk to me, because when I change my diet you say I’m making things up. Benjamin said it yesterday, “What are you making up now, that you are lactose intolerant”, says Bianca, among other things.

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Pernilla Wahlgren can’t hold back the tears

After that, an intense discussion takes place between Bianca and Pernilla, which ends in both screams and tears.

– I’m so tired of you talking about me like I was a fucking UFO. When I’m the only one trying to deal with my problems. And you do nothing to help me with it (the eating disorder, eds amn). Full stop, Bianca screams, banging her fist.

Then Benjamin, who mostly sat quietly in the back seat, chooses to join the fray.

– But we can’t help you. You have said that we are not allowed to help you for four years, says Benjamin.

The emotions and frustration become too much for Bianca, who continues to scream and has difficulty keeping herself in check.

– Listen! I’m going completely crazy, I’m going completely crazy, she screams in the car.

It all results in Pernilla starting to cry, while she tries to find a solution to the problem, in vain.

– I kind of don’t know what to do to help you, says Pernilla and wipes away the tears.

Before they get out of the car, the discussion has calmed down and the family is reunited.

It was an emotional conversation.

Photo: Discovery+

Photo: Discovery+

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