Bianca’s cheeky coup – Pernilla had no idea

Bianca saw no choice but to confront her mother in the latest episode of Wahlgren’s World.

The Wahlgren family has sailed up as many of Swedish TV viewers’ favorite entertainment in recent years and the program Wahlgren’s world has been broadcast for over five years.

But the Wahlgren / Ingrosso clan does not stop inventing and having adventures and the show continues. Last season, we got to follow Pernilla’s journey with her boyfriend Christian Bauer, whom she met earlier in the year.

But the hub of Wahlgren’s world is and has always been Bianca’s and Pernilla’s relationship, which is sometimes stormy but there is always a lot of love between mother and daughter!

Pernilla Wahlgren is confronted by Bianca Ingrosso

In this week’s episode of Wahlgren’s world, we see an example of their relationship.

– It has gone so far that I will make an intervention on her, says Bianca in the video.

Then Bianca confronts her mother.

Do you understand that you have a problem?

Pernilla asks questions, while Bianca remains serious.

– You did not bring strangers here? asks Pernilla. The next second, the video cuts to two people, who we are not allowed to see who it is, who come down the stairs and Pernilla who laughs at the whole situation.

We have not yet known what has gone too far, but it will be shown on Thursday, when the episode is broadcast on TV3.

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