Bibi-Ex Julian and his new one – secret about the first kiss revealed

Bibi-Ex Julian and his new one |

Mystery of the 1st kiss revealed

Everything runs at turbo speed with them!

The YouTube stars split up in May Bibi (29) and Julian (29) Classen surprisingly after more than 10 years together. Since July, the Youtuber has repeatedly been together with an influencer Tanja Makarić (25) seen, in August they finally made their love official.

Since then, the two lovebirds have revealed more and more details about their meeting and first dates. And they were anything but a snail’s pace!

Julian and Tanja are snogging around the world: they have traveled to Spain, Dubai and France together

Photo: julienco_/Instagram

Back in August, Tanja revealed to her followers on Instagram that they were with her on their first date with Julian and couldn’t stop chatting.

But now it comes out: They also hung on each other’s lips in other ways: On the first date there was also the first kiss!

Tanja chatted happily in a question and answer session on Instagram and reveals: There was a “kiss goodbye” on her first date with Julian.

But who of the two was brave enough to take the first step towards a smack? The influencer unpacks that immediately: “It was me.”

Tanja shows: The modern woman can also take the first step and distribute the first smack

Tanja shows: The modern woman can also take the first step and distribute the first smack

Photo: Tanja Makarics/Instagram

The kissing offensive was apparently great for her Julian: the two are inseparable and have only spent the last few days together again in Julian’s house in Spain. The YouTuber has also met Tanja’s parents and as we know them, things will certainly go very quickly with the rest.

The two simply understand each other with AND without words.

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