Bibi-Ex Julian and his Tanja – panic attacks! “Just incredibly disturbed”

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YouTuber Julian Classen (29) and his girlfriend Tanja Makaric (25) live a love at full speed: kissing photos on Instagram, shared luxury vacations, rosy times.

In her current insta story Tanja suddenly launched a giant thing. She casually told her 440,000 followers that she was doing laundry. Then suddenly the sentence: “We’re moving, and that’s why you have to clean up and sort things out a bit.”

Apparently, she and Julian have already brainstormed a bit – and considered warmer climes: “If we were to move to Spain …”, Tanja continued chatting.

In her story, Tanja dreams even further: “We would definitely learn Spanish if we moved to Spain. Such a hammer language,” enthused the 25-year-old. “Spanish sounds really beautiful.”

Some fans must have pressed the “pause” button first – do Julian and Tanja want to leave the country?

Julian and Tanja in seventh heaven - or is the attention in Germany getting too much for Tanja?

Julian and Tanja in seventh heaven – but the attention in Germany is too much for Tanja

Photo: Julian Classen /Instagram

It would be conceivable – because despite their deep love, which has been official since August, not everything is pink. Tanja finds it difficult to suddenly be in the public eye because of her relationship with Julian.

Again and again, fans would stand in front of Julian’s house and take pictures of them. Tanja suffers so much from it that she even gets panic attacks, she tells her followers. “This is so unbelievable for me. I just find it incredibly disturbing.”

In the past few months, Tanja and Julian have traveled the world, kissing each other through Dubai, France and Canada. As recently as September, they spent some time at Julian’s home in Spain. Do you want to settle down there soon? Tanja did not reveal any more details about the move plans.

Julian & Tanja on vacation They are trying to emulate this trend

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There is only one possible hint. Recently, Julian took his followers with him when he turned three Looked at apartments he had bought: a maisonette and two other identical apartments, including spacious bathrooms and terraces. Tanja liked them too: “Oh, these are really dream apartments!”

Sooner or later, Tanja and Julian will surely let their followers know where the couple is headed – maybe at the next wash.

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