Big Brother 2022: Alfa was released for the first time and the house has five nominees

The final panel of nominees: Juliana, Nacho, María, Agustín and Romina

The final panel of nominees

The Rabbit also received a sanction for “plot” and could only nominate a partner with two votes

“In this case, I’m going to do it so that person changes the direction of his head and looks the other way, my votes are for Romina,” said Alexis.

Coti received a sanction for “plot” and could only nominate a colleague with two votes

“My votes are for Agustín because I would like him to leave this Sunday,” said the young woman.

Augustine’s nomination

“The first two votes are for Romina and the second vote is for Julieta. The reasons are as follows: to try to put one of these two people on a plate, without any kind of personal justification,” he said.

Marcos nominated Nacho and María Laura

“Because I see attitudes that I don’t like from him and her,” said the player when he gave the reasons for his decision

The partial vote: Juliana (9), Nacho (6), María (5), Alfa (3), Marcos (2), Agustín (2), Coti (2)

partial vote
partial vote

Julieta nominated Juliana and María Laura

“It seems to me that she has a double personality,” the contestant said of her first two votes. “She is for a matter of affinity and she would be a person who would not hurt me to leave,” she said about her vote for Cata.

Juliet’s nomination

The nomination of María Laura, the Tasting

“First I nominate Coti because coexistence is difficult due to her whims and the second vote is for Juliana due to lack of codes,” said Cata.

Maxi nominated Alfa and Agustín

“The first two votes are for Walter, just for strategy. And secondly, the reasons are the same, a vote for Agustín”, said the Cordovan.

Juliana’s nomination

“My first two votes are for Nacho and the second for Walter. I feel that I do not have so much affinity with either of the two, I do it by discarding, “said the participant.

Romina nominated Juliana and Agustín

The former deputy gave Juliana two votes, “because of the many lies and ugly attitudes she had. No need to play dirty, ”she apologized to herself. The second vote was given to Agustín, “because of attitudes that he had that I did not like with my situation with Alfa.”

Alpha’s nomination

Walter Santiago voted for Juliana first, “because I found out a lot of things she did, like lying and telling stories.” The second vote was given to Nacho. “After what happened with Romina, Nacho tried to put a spike in the middle,” he said.


Thiago nominated María Laura and Juliana

“I have nothing against her, but she is the one with whom I have the least affinity,” she said regarding her first two votes. “You have to do things the way she wants,” said the participant when he gave the reasons for her nomination to Juliana Díaz.

Daniela’s spontaneous nomination

“The first three votes are for Nacho and the other two are for María Laura,” said the participant who was surprised this week by using this tool in the game.

Nacho nominated Marcos and Juliana

The first to enter the confessional to cast their vows was Juan Ignacio “Nacho” Castañares Puentewho gave two votes to Marcos, “because I have no affinity with him”, and one vote to Juliana, “Because with this capable little dot that enters the plate,” he said.

Juan Ignacio


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