Big change! Two stars are replaced

With the first five episodes, half of the first season of “House of the Dragon” is over. A few things will change from episode 6 – for example, two of the main actresses will be exchanged. The reason for this is a huge change in the narrative.

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Effective immediately: Two “House of the Dragon” stars will be replaced

Big risk: is “House of the Dragon” suffering from the line-up changes?

Already in the planning phase of “House of the Dragon” the series makers had to decide on the means of time jumps in order to be able to reasonably adapt the book “Fire and Blood” by the author George RR Martin, which spanned many years. Now, however, this decision could well take revenge – because right now Milly Alcock became an absolute sensation with “House of the Dragon”. and is so far the fan favorite par excellence.

It is therefore unclear how fans will react to the line-up changes. Could it hurt the popularity of the series at all? It will depend on how well the new actresses make the characters their own – and whether the story can keep the level of the first five episodes after the big time jump.

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