Big day for Princess Estelle – has been waiting for years

Princess Estelle

Princess Estelle has been waiting and waiting and soon it’s time – the big day is fast approaching!

After the commercial: Here Estelle is caught on film – peeking out the castle window!


Princess Estelle is in third grade on Campus Manilla at the Royal Djurgården in Stockholm.

Although Estelle loves to go to school, of course the summer holidays are long-awaited and this year the holiday will be special.

Yes, it will actually be the princess’ first real summer vacation that is not fraught with restrictions and worries.

In other words – a more fun long holiday on Öland!

Princess Estelle’s longing

When the coronavirus took hold of Sweden, Estelle went to first class and would soon have her first summer holiday.

Although the Crown Princess family made the traditional trip to Solliden, it was very different:

Estelle was not allowed to hug her grandparents and her Florida cousins ​​stayed right there, Florida, due to travel restrictions.

Yes, an empty and dull summer. Last year, things started to become more as usual, but covid-19 was still considered a socially dangerous disease.

But now it seems to be the most “normal” summer in two years, which we are all happy about, even small royalty.

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The hope is that Princess Madeleine and her family will join the holiday on Öland. As the court’s information director Margareta Thorgren said a few weeks ago:

– The princess hopes, of course, that she can come home for the summer, with the family. As she usually does.

The royal family

Last year, the royal family could finally be reunited – soon it’s time again!

Crown Princess Victoria’s decision for the children

Ever since she was a child, Crown Princess Victoria has spent her summers at Solliden and now she has passed on the tradition to her children.

Here the whole royal family can gather in peace and quiet – sun, swimming and lots of laughter are always included!

There is plenty of space for everyone. The royal couple live in their own majesty at the castle and the royal children with their families in different houses in the area.

– I have spent all my summers on Öland, so it is close to my heart for that reason, Victoria has previously told Aftonbladet.

Photo: TT

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