"Big rant": Caroline Margeridon criticized after showing the garbage strewn in Paris, the expert of Deal concluded makes an update

“Big rant”: Caroline Margeridon criticized after showing the garbage strewn in Paris, the expert of Deal concluded makes an update

Internet users who criticized her video where she showed the mountains of garbage that have invaded the capital for several days, Caroline Margeridon pushed a “gout” to explain on Instagram this Sunday, March 19.

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It is by integrating the successful France 2 show Deal done what Caroline Margeridon became known to the general public. And if in 2017 the face of the entrepreneur did not say anything to most viewers, in the business world she was already known and recognized. At the head of a security company since the beginning of the 1990s and a travel agency called Mille et une nuits by CaroConnection, it is truly his passion for the world of antique dealers which brought him the popularity that we know today. But this Sunday, March 19, it was not the expert qualities of Caroline Margeridon that made Internet users react…

You want a new epidemic?

It’s been several days since the streets of the capital are drowned in rubbish. And if some are accommodating so as to support the strikers opposed to the pension reform, others, on the other hand, could not hide their amazement when they saw the mountains of waste increase tenfold. This is the case of Caroline Margeridon, who, this Saturday March 18, posted a video on her Instagram account revealing the streets ofParis, the most beautiful city in the world“, littered with garbage bags. But this staging has created unease on the side of Internet users. And this Sunday, March 19, it is through a video that the businesswoman returned to the motivations that led her to such an act. “Today, big rant about the video I made yesterday. Of course I was shocked when I saw these trash cans. Is there anything bothering you? Today it was cold, but it will start to get hot. Did the Covid not hurt us enough? You want a new epidemic?” she launched, opening her plea.

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Solidarity with difficult jobs

Surprised by some virulent comments on the Web, Caroline Margeridon wanted to remember one thing: “It’s obvious that I am fully in solidarity with the difficult jobs.“Before discussing his personal journey:”I’ve been working since I was 15. (…) I have two huge scars on my back because transport is also a difficult job, and at the time I absolutely couldn’t afford to take any. So, to forced to carry furniture, I had back surgery twice.And the expert antique dealer concluded her speech by stating that her video was only for focus on the problems”hygienethat such a strike can generate!

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