Bigflo and Oli embarrassed by the images of their first TV in C à vous (VIDEO)

Guests on set It’s up to you this Monday, June 20, Bigflo and Oli were surprised to see the images of their first appearance on television. The two rappers were teenagers and gave a concert in the courtyard of their high school.

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In October 2020, Bigflo and Oli made the difficult decision to take a break from their careers and withdraw from social networks. A necessary break for the Toulouse duo, who then chained tours and musical successes. “When you’re an artist, you have to manage your networks, your clips, your concerts. […] With Oli, we do everything and that leaves a lot less time for the very essence of our art, which is: making music or seeing our friends.”had entrusted the eldest of the two brothers on the set of Do not touch My TV. “We are going to cut the networks the time to get into the studio and work well. […] It takes a long time to make an album. Nothing at all, no more story and redo sounds. If we continue, there, we will create a void; we don’t want it to interfere with us artistically.”

Bigflo and Oli review the images of their first TV

A little less than two years later, Bigflo and Oli made their big media comeback. Since the broadcast of Olivio’s participation in the show Meeting in unknown landwhere he went to meet the Vezo people in Madagascar, the two brothers promote their next album entitled The others are us available from Friday, June 24. Four days before the release of this new opus, the duo went to the set of It’s up to you presented by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. The opportunity for them to discover the images of their first television appearance in 2012. 19 and 16 years old respectively, young Florian and Olivio gave a concert in the courtyard of their school. “We’re young, a little impetuous and fiery so it’s true that sometimes we hope to be able to make a living from rap, but it’s such random things that we can’t manage it”they confided at the time.

“We’re getting old”

Ten years later, Bigflo and Oli were both amused and embarrassed to see these images again. “It’s been ten years Oli! Do you realize?”Florian asked his brother. It’s hard !”replied Olivio. “We’re getting old”confided the eldest of the two brothers, who were particularly happy to go to the set of It’s up to you. “When I come to C à vous, I remember our first TV show with you. I remember that we saw Jean Dujardin and that thanks to you we did a piece with him. We have a great story here “, Oli said. Something to touch Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in the heart.

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