Bike: the executive accelerates by releasing 250 million euros for 2023


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Elisabeth Borne will announce an additional 250 million euros for cycling in 2023.

The executive intends to accelerate on the bike. The Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, must announce, Tuesday, September 20, 250 million euros of additional investments for the bicycle in 2023. The goal is to encourage the French to take their two-wheelers. On the Boulevard of Sebastopol, in Paris, users are delighted with the announcement. What are their ideas for using this amount?

“We can see very well that there are places where cycle paths are made, we can’t blame it, but they are sometimes badly made, there is an infrastructure problem”details a cyclist. “Perhaps it’s better to make the signs on the bikes that have the right to turn right in certain places, it’s not always very clear”says a resident. “There should be two big bike lanes, because at rush hour, on the boulevard de Sébastopol, there are a hundred bikes waiting at the traffic lights”says a young man.

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