Bikes, scooters, scooters and electric motorcycles: NIU is full of novelties in Milan

NIU saw the big picture for the Milan urban mobility fair, EICMA. Where most manufacturers are content to unveil their new motorcycle or the latest version of their electric scooter, the Chinese brand has chosen to hit hard and … in all directions. Scooter, bicycle, motorbike and, even, electric scooter, the mobility specialist is launching an entire catalog of new products in Milan.

A first electric motorcycle

Let’s start with the RQi Sport, the group’s first electric motorcycle that was shown in its first version at CES 2020. It is the fastest two-wheeler in NIU’s (short) history since it has a maximum speed of 110 km / h, thanks to its central motor of 5 kW.
However, the manufacturer presents it as a city motorcycle, certainly above its scooters, but equipped with “An insane amount of torque without compromising the range for daily trips”, according to Token Hu, the brand’s co-founder.
As often with NIU, the battery part is made up of two removable blocks that can be recharged independently of the motorcycle. The RQi Sport will be marketed in July 2022 at 6,999 euros.

A new engine for scooters

On the scooter side, the novelty is the succession of the KQi3, the brand’s first model to arrive last spring. It has failed to overshadow Xiaomi, but NIU is not giving up with two new models. The KQi2 Pro incorporates in large widths the technical characteristics of its predecessor with a slightly revised design.
It will be on sale at 499 euros, from March 1. As for the KQi3 Max, it promises a surplus of power with a maximum speed of 35 km / h which will make it incompatible with the sales rules in France.

In terms of electric scooters, NIU’s specialty, let us remember, the novelty comes down to the presentation of the brand’s new engine, the V-MOTOR, which offers increased power.
It will first equip the NQi GTS, one of the brand’s flagship models, from March 2022. The new scooter should pass the 80 km / h mark while maintaining a range of around 70 km. It will be sold for 4,199 euros.

Finally, last year NIU launched into the world of electrically assisted bicycles with… a Speedbike. The firm seems to want to review its plans and adapt its BQi to more common use. It keeps the same design as its predecessor, but will now have a Bafang motor on the rear hub. It will be limited to an assistance of 25 km / h, and will fall into the category of VAE.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

On the other hand, it will have the other characteristics of NIU products such as the home application or two removable batteries. At less than 1,500 euros, the BQi looks very promising, but you’ll have to be patient before trying it. Its marketing is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

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