Bikes: workshops to learn how to repair them yourself



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S.Broomberg, R.Augier, C.Duquesnois, R.Liboz, A.Roynier, L. Sabas – France 2

France Televisions

In France, many workshops have opened to teach users how to repair their bikes. The goal ? Empower cyclists. Report in Dijon, in Golden Coast.

In order to encourage the French to take the bicycle rather than the car, the government announced a new major plan to build new cycle paths and teach, for example, children to circulate in complete safety. For some time, there has been a craze for cycling. Workshops now offer to teach French people how to repair their bicycles, free of charge.

In Dijon (Côte-d’Or), a user came to one of these workshops. “I come to seek advice, because we don’t necessarily know how to do it”, he explains. This is why he did not hesitate to come to this associative workshop, La Rustine, in order to learn how to make “oneself”. Another member explains that she “does a lot of recycling”. It was therefore quite natural for her to come and put “hands dirty” to limit overconsumption. The objective of this workshop is to empower members.

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