BILD TV starts big talk autumn – let’s talk!

BILD TV starts big talk autumn |

let’s talk

Inflation, the risk of blackouts, Corona – the Germans are unsettled and want open debates with plain language.

BILD TV is therefore now starting the big talk show autumn – from Mondays to Fridays, always from 10.15 p.m., with high-quality rounds.

► “Is Germany threatened with a complete crash?” This is what moderator Kai Weise is discussing today at “The Right Questions” with Anton Hofreiter (Greens), entrepreneur Thomas Middelhoff and ex-Finance Minister Oskar Lafontaine, among others.

Nena Schink and Kai Weise invite you to talk

Nena Schink and Kai Weise invite you to talk

Photo: Niels Starnick/ BILD GmbH, BILD TV

► Tuesday to Thursday, 10:15 p.m. – the fixed place for the BILD TV cult talk “Quarter after eight” with hostess Nena Schink – this week with Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU), FDP Secretary General Bijan Djir-Sarai, Frauke Petry, among others (Ex-AfD chairwoman), Sahra Wagenknecht (left), top virologist Klaus Stöhr and doctor and author Gunter Frank, Germany’s harshest Lauterbach critic.

“We stand for open debates and also let those who are not heard elsewhere have their say,” explains Claus Strunz, Editor-in-Chief of Bild-TV.

► No taboos, that’s the motto of “Come on!”, the new sex and relationship talk from BILD-TV, even on Fridays. Presenter Giulia Siegel wants to arouse desire with her guests. At the start, among others, heartthrob and RTL star Gigi Birofio, porn icon Conny Sachs and sex therapist Dorothea Perkusic.

The talk for everyone who likes it hot!

Julia Siegel

Julia Siegel

Photo: Veronica Gubkina

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