*** BILDplus content *** ALBERT PLANTS TREE FOR her – Princess Charlène in a secret luxury clinic

Here Albert and the children plant a tree for them

Princess Charlène in a secret luxury clinic

Foto: POOL/REUTERS, WireImage

He doesn’t want to bury hope yet …

Prince Albert (63) planted a South African tree at the Monaco Casino – as a symbol of love for his wife Charlène (43). Also there: the twins Jacques and Gabriella (6). And a good shovel of hope!

SHE fled Monaco a week ago and went into hiding in a secret luxury rehab. NOW, Charlène’s whereabouts have been leaked.

► Read with BILDplus details about Charlène’s luxury clinic, what is being treated there, how long it is likely to stay – and why Albert’s sister Caroline von Hannover (64) now has a problem …

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