*** BILDplus content *** Assault! – ZDF commissioner hit his ex with a plastic bottle

Mayhem! ZDF commissioner Karim Günes condemned

In the city of love, he hit his ex with a plastic bottle

Karim Günes condemned: ZDF commissioner hit his ex with a plastic bottle
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A police officer on ZDF, a case for the judiciary in real life.

Karim Günes (35) has played the tough but charming detective Karim Uthman in the “Stralsund” thriller since 2016. In his private life, he doesn’t seem to be too strict about the law.

Two years ago, as the Berlin-Tiergarten District Court found, he hit his girlfriend at the time, the young actress Krista Tcherneva (22, “Polizeiruf 110”) with a plastic bottle in Paris. According to BILD information, Günes has now been sentenced by the Berlin-Tiergarten district court.

Find out with BILDplus what the verdict was and whether Günes has a criminal record. Also: This is how the ex-girlfriend’s management commented on the court’s decision.

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