*** BILDplus content *** Ex-couple Hummels – Cathy speaks of a new beginning!

Ex-couple Hummels TOGETHER into the new year

And Cathy speaks of a new beginning

Verona, Sylvie, Kate & Co. – who let it rip, who sunbathed on New Year’s Eve

Cathy and Mats Hummels: New Year's Eve as a family - and she speaks of a new beginning
Photo: Cathyhummels/Instagram

So either they both know more or they are just a wonderful example of a great-team-despite-separation.

Cathy (33) and Mats Hummels (33) were a dream couple for 14 years when their love-out became public in August last year. There was even talk of divorce.

Almost four months after the separation, the Hummels seem more harmonious than ever! Mats and Cathy spent Christmas together and it’s New Year’s Eve together slipped into the new year in Dubai.

Are Mats and Cathy about to start over? Read more with BILDplus.

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